Fast-food chains in Germany

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Fast-food chains in Germany

In fast food, many immediately think of burgers - the choice is however large.

Fast Food - if it has to happen quickly

Whether one is clamped professionally or do not feel like cooking, fast food is a popular alternative to home cooking. The great advantage of this is that you can buy it everywhere. In addition, it is already finished. That it tastes good, also denies hardly anyone. Flavor enhancers and flavors ensure that hardly can resist someone a burger or fries. But this is precisely set to the critics of the fast food. Artificial flavors are in fact bad for the taste buds in the long run. In addition, fast food is usually greasy and high in calories. Finally harms the mass production of raw materials for the chain and the environment. Factory farming causes high CO2 emissions. Given the tons arrive packaging that year after year are discarded. One should eat no means exclusively from fast food accordingly. If you can not resist from time to time but, you have a choice of several chains.

The big chains in Germany

  • One of the most well-known fast-food chains in Germany is undoubtedly Mc Donald's. Hailing as the fast food even from the USA. The best known products are the hamburger, the Big Mac and Sweet as Apple Pie. Again and again, there are also products specifically for the German market. What many do not know: The popular McRib is not permanently in most other countries in the program. In the US, you can buy it only seasonally. Generally true McDonald's its products heavily on the country from. In India, where cows are considered sacred, no beef is processed, in Japan there are curiosities like the truffle burger.
  • The biggest competitor of McDonald's is Burger King. Branches also American brand there is usually near the rivals. Burger King stressed mostly that the flesh of his burger is grilled. Otherwise, the products are designed like at Mc Donald's. A flagship of the company is the Whopper, another of the Big King. Many burgers can be upgraded with extra bacon.
  • Who is not on American food, in the North Sea has an alternative. As the name suggests, there are primarily fish. In addition to snacks you get also plated meals as in normal restaurants. In the North Sea is set mainly on freshness. So the products are in the bar on ice and are visible to everyone.
  • Another size on the market is Subway. There are primarily sandwiches. The special feature is that each guest is its variant can put together yourself. You can choose from different breads, meats, dressings and salads. In addition, there are chips, cookies and drinks.
  • Another fast-food giant, which many do not have on the screen, is IKEA. Although the furniture chain has no independent restaurants, but these are but integrated into the stores. Many customers even come just for eating. Popular dishes in addition to the very cheap hot dogs especially the Köttbullar (pronounced Schöttbullaar).

It is striking that neither the typical German Bratwurst sausage still is represented with fries. This is because these products are sold through independent, snacks and a chain it would therefore difficult to enforce order in Germany.

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