Fast Muscle Building without the gym - how it works

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Fast Muscle Building without the gym - how it works

Fast muscle building without equipment. Hannes animal / Pixelio

Fast Muscle Building - Notes

  • If you want to build muscle fast, then you need not - as one might assume - an incredible number of devices and thus a regular visit to the gym. Fast muscle building depends primarily on two things: from proper and regular exercise and a balanced diet.
  • Your diet should (especially right after training) contain relatively large number of proteins. These are absolutely essential for muscle growth! Many proteins are included, for example, dairy products or eggs.
  • For fast muscle Although regular exercise is important - but just as important are adequate rest days. For new muscles do not form during the training, but in the regeneration phase afterwards.

Exercises without gym

  • For a balanced workout you do not necessarily need a gym - usually sufficient your own body and possibly some smaller equipment like dumbbells, which are cheap to buy.
  • The mother of all exercises is the push-ups. In different variations (close pushups, wide pushups, pushups with built bludger etc.) can be totally different muscle groups - in fast fashion - train.
  • Perform sit-ups if you want to train your abdomen. Again, there are numerous variations.
  • If you want to train your biceps, you are to buying dumbbells hardly get around because there is (pull-ups aside) actually no exercise without equipment, specially trained biceps.
  • Importantly: Run the training regularly, the best two or three times a week. Increase the time the level of difficulty and the number of exercises, so you can set new goals themselves.
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