Fasten fence posts made of metal properly

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Fasten fence posts made of metal properly

Stable fence posts are important.

When it comes, for example, only to the maintenance of such fence posts made of metal, these are of course far ahead compared to those made of wood. Wooden posts must be regularly treated with wood protection paint, while metal posts do not require any maintenance, since most are available galvanized and therefore resist any weather. Some are even available with a plastic sheath. A brief application of high pressure cleaners done a necessary cleansing.

Fence posts should be laid and mounted virtually

There are two different mounting options, when it comes to fence posts made of metal. You should again consider which type is more practical. The stability is very good in both ways.

  1. The first option you dig the spaces provided holes in the ground and hit the fence post in the middle to a predetermined height.
  2. Then mix in precast concrete and pour the entire hole from it. Thus each hole looks the same, you can, after you have dug the holes, each still using a formwork made of wood. However, this is intended only for appearance and not for the strength.
  3. The other possibility put a so-called ground sleeves. These are screwed into a rule in the ground, and in such a deep, until only extends the holder sleeve of the ground.
  4. Then you can mount your fence posts made of metal in these sleeves. The great advantage of ground sleeves is that you can very easily replace the posts as needed.

So, when comparing fence posts made of metal and wooden ones, this metal have several advantages.

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