fasten jeans button with pliers - is how it works

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fasten jeans button with pliers - is how it works

mooring a jeans button with Vario pliers. Michael Zenner / Pixelio

Although it is unlikely: A jeans button can take off or, worse still, break. When Jean Button inferior quality, it happens that the jeans button breaks. Without Jean button the jeans can not close but. A new jeans button must be found. And can not fix it with a needle and thread, but with a pair of pliers.

fasten jeans button with special tool

  1. Look first at the inside story to see if you do not have a spare jeans button for pants.
  2. If not, then you need to buy a new jeans button. Ensure that the new jeans button has the same diameter as the old jeans button.
  3. Jeans buttons, there is usually to buy a set.
  4. Instead pliers, there are now tools that operate on the principle of pliers, but are easier to handle.
  5. Mostly there are the jeans buttons in a set to buy the spare-tong.
  6. Here you put the two parts of the knob just in the for predetermined opening of the tool.
  7. Then you put on the tool in the place of jeans to which the jeans button later sit comfortably. The best solution is, of course, the place of the old Jean knob.
  8. Now press the tool firmly together.
  9. Both parts of the jeans button merge and jeans button is stuck.
  10. Since this tool can only be used for the attachment of jeans buttons, the benefit is limited.

The Vario pliers multiflexible

  • If you want a multi flexible tool, which is also suitable in addition to the attachment of jeans buttons for other purposes, then you should opt for a Vario pliers to decide.
  • With Vario-tong You can also attach snaps and punch holes.
  • The attachment of jeans button works just as easily with the Vario pliers, as the special tool as described above.
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