Fat burning while jogging - so you burn many calories

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Fat burning while jogging - so you burn many calories

Initially jogging is very tiring.

The best remedy for excess pounds is to Černý is the chance the body properly. To do this, you have several options. The cheapest and healthiest option to get rid of the winter or frustration bacon and accelerate the burning of fat your body is jogging in the fresh air surrounded by nature.

Fat consumption - key facts

  • To effectively lose fat, you should first know how and when the body falls back on your fat stores to provide energy for certain physical activities.
  • The thesis that the body only after a 30-minute activity uses the fat reserves, is wrong.
  • Once you exercising, the body uses the existing fat deposits.
  • Decisive for the amount of burned fat cells is the intensity of the activity.
  • To successfully reduce body fat, you must also provide a negative energy balance. This is the A and O.
  • That is, no matter how much you run or how long you exercise other sports - as long as you supply your body with more calories than you consume, is unlikely to do in terms of fat burning something.
  • Fat is very energetic. A kilo of body fat equals 7000 calories!

boost jogging and fat burning properly

  • The fat burning is higher if you drink plenty of water and supply your body with lots of oxygen, because some fat cells can be used only in combination with oxygen, so running is ideal.
  • Hinders for burning fat is the consumption of alcohol, as this prevents the fat oxidation.
  • The same negative effect carbohydrates. They increase insulin levels in the blood, thereby reducing the fat loss by about 35%.
  • For this reason you should eat before and after jogging no-carbohydrate foods such as pasta, bread or rice.
  • However Refrain not quite on fats because essential fatty acids are beneficial for fat loss. Healthy fats are found for example in rape, olive or hemp oil.
  • Best of all the fat burning work out jogging, if you eat anything two hours before, because as the body has direct access to the fat reserves than to exploit the substance in the blood carbohydrates.
  • Better than a monotonous exercise in moving constant speed is a so-called interval training, in which you set multiple Sprint phases and pauses while running.
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