Faucet: mixing nozzle drips - so you solve the problem

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Faucet: mixing nozzle drips - so you solve the problem

Descale the mixing nozzle, so that the water is no longer sprayed from the tap.

repair spout of the faucet itself

The mixing nozzle is located at the outlet opening of the faucet. There installed, it ensures a pleasant water jet by admixed this air. With the passage of time however, can lead to calcification in the nozzle. The water flow is hampered and squirts uncontrollably out of the tap. However, you can, however, with little effort, proceed.

  • It is not absolutely necessary to replace the mixing nozzle to the tap.
  • Because you can also clean the small, mesh-like application to restore its function.
  • For this, you must however expand or dismantle the nozzle.

dismantle and descale eductor

  1. Take a suitable pliers on hand and loosen so that the locking ring, with which the nozzle is attached to the faucet.
  2. Ideally, you do this with a plastic wrench, so you do not damage the screw ring.
  3. Turn counterclockwise until the screw ring can simply be removed.
  4. Remove the mixing nozzle and the rubber seal from the screw ring and rinse the individual parts under running water.
  5. Now fill a small container with a mixture of vinegar and water. Alternatively, you can use citric acid or a commercially available descaler.
  6. Enter the ring nut, the mixing nozzle and the rubber ring, for about one hour, in the vessel, so that the calcium deposits can dissolve.
  7. Following rinse the items again under running water and build them again together.
  8. After mounting the ring nut again to the tap.

After cleaning the water jet runs as usual from the tap. Splashes the water after some time out of the tap, descale the nozzle again.

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