Faucet squeaks - you can do about it

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Faucet squeaks - you can do about it

Squeaky faucets are annoying. Fabian Forban / Pixelio

If the faucet squeals

If the faucet squeals, this is often because it requires a drop of oil on the thread.

  • If you want to remove and repair the faucet To resolve this error, it makes sense to also equal to the seal in the tap replaced.
  • Before disconnecting and removing the faucet, be sure turn the angle valve in the water supply line.
  • However, before you start, the water tap, which squeaks expand, you should try to fix the error without the expansion of the faucet. This is especially true as long as the faucet is not leaking.

So you can eliminate the squeal when tap

Before removing the faucet you should quietly try to eliminate the squeak in a simple manner. You can do this by drip above the tap even a few drops of oil to the thread. This does not work at all taps. If this is not possible in your faucet, so you have no choice but to expand this and to decompose to eliminate the squeak.

  1. First, turn off the angle valve for the water supply of your faucet. When a faucet with hot and cold water supply, turn on both angle valves.
  2. Then screw the valve carefully the tap out.
  3. Look at the seal and replace them if necessary. Then give a few drops of oil to the thread of the valve and turn this a few times and, until it no longer squeaks.
  4. Once the squeak is gone, you can install the valve to the water tap.
  5. After installing the valve, turn off the tap again and open the angle valves. Then you still check whether the tap is sealed. If this is the case, the repair is completed.
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