Fazana - so you can enjoy a fishing holiday on the west coast of Istria

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Fazana - so you can enjoy a fishing holiday on the west coast of Istria

A fishing boat at sunset on the Adriatic Sybille_und_Kurt_Mader / Pixelio

Fazana - holiday among fishermen

  • In the region of Istria, the picturesque village Fazana, where people even today, as for many hundreds of years, still live from fishing is. Although the site has now also been adjusted to the tourism, the visitor will meet at every step on fishing and anchovies. Early in the morning you can watch the boats and the networks in the small harbor Riva when they expire. But who has his fishing there, a boat can be rented and there looking on the Adriatic a quiet place.
  • But before you can look forward to a restful day, only surrounded by the blue sea, on a day of fishing, you must first get a fishing license at the tourist office. This is also associated with some restrictions, such as the size limit for the fish and which have the water back. A good alternative would be time to ask a local fisherman if he takes you on the road anchovies.
  • Lots of anchovy fishermen and anglers offer the travelers to go with them to the sea to catch fish together. For every tourist is a unique opportunity to make a good catch, and get to know the local life of Fazana better.

As the fish comes in the can

  • Very easily. Visit. The workshops of "Small Fishing Academy anchovies" and you will haarklein explains how the fish salted, is preserved in oil and spices and of course, how to best prepare the blue fishing But the fishermen give yet more award.
  • The locals show you how to lure the fish, run into the knots, to show you how fishing tool is traditionally produced and how to use the needles for weaving and repairing his nets. Once you have learned how to row with a fishing boat, you have become a perfect fishermen from Fazana.
  • But the fishermen also know how to enjoy life. Celebrate with them the traditional anchovy festival. Be there when thousands of torches, candles and lanterns bathe the facades of houses in a magical light and dance on the festival of lights to the music of Croatian bands.
  • Visit with your family the "Rhapsody in Blue". A light show of colors and moving colors of the sea and the boats, where have mounted installations artists of the region. Children experience magic arts, will see a fire show and celebrate the balloon party to rock and country. And of course many servings of anchovies.
  • Thus, the belly is a little lighter, a seaside stroll, a bike ride on the 12km bike path or a boat ride to Brijuni National Park would do well determined. The search for the lost treasure of the family might like.
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