Features a reportage - so you succeed in writing

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Features a reportage - so you succeed in writing

A report always describes the view of the reporter or journalist on a particular topic, undzwar at the scene. This means that a report by an author always asked to leave his office and to be part of an activity. A report, in which the author does not goes out, is no. In this case, it is a fictional story.

Features a reportage

  • The main features of a report on the description of impressions, feelings and experiences of the reporter or writer, while participating in an event or accompanied people at this event.
  • The description of the accompanying person may only be described from the perspective of the reporter. Features of the text are therefore, that only slightly different questions are raised than those that arise during the reportage.
  • Focus writing on what is happening and make a note of what impressions it leaves on you.

Structure of the text

  • A good reportage lives from the beginning and the end of the text. There are several characteristics that make a good beginning. Start with a situational entry, a quote or an impression.
  • A report is structured, at best, dramatically, that is, there is a high point to which you ascribe. The highlight has to be clearly visible and be different from the rest of the text in the degree of stress, disappointment or by a shock moment. The highlight will be the location of the text that the reader will keep in hindsight in mind.
  • Describe during the report again, what you have seen, heard and have felt while representing the main story.
  • Note that he is not allowed to lapse at the end. Characteristics of a successful conclusion are a punch line, a conclusion or a statement from the event.
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