Federal Police Internship - so apply

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Federal Police Internship - so apply

The police, your friend and helper

The federal police are Help

Before you apply for an internship at the federal police, you should be sure about the profession, its contents and the necessary conditions.

  • Information can be obtained at the job center and directly to the police. Further information can be naturally exquisite on the Internet. Go to the official website of the Federal Police and takes you to the location for the selected country. You get useful information about job and career. In addition, about your duties, academic or personal requirements.
  • If you know in which department you want to enter, you should apply early enough because the dates are quickly forgiven. Often the seats are taken already more than 6 months before the start.

Requirements for a Federal Police Internship

  • The design of such an orientation time depends on whether you are a pupil, student, professional student or training Interessierter. For a student internship You must be at least 14 years old. It may have a duration of 2 to 3 weeks.
  • The procedure is divided generally into two parts. In the first part you will get an idea about the different roles of a policeman, in the second part you can see the departments and tasks to meet at a police station.

The telephone and written Internship Application

If you really serious about the internship, your motivation should be clear already at the telephone conversation with the relevant department. Usually followed by the written application to be but never filed in folders. Break them into the following modules:

  1. First, formulate a sound cover letter. You should refer to the phone conversation and call for exactly what Praktikumart and when you care. Explain your motivation and why exactly this internship you are interested in this police station, z. B. with regard to a future education.
  2. The curriculum vitae should be clear. There is a photo associated to that is photographed sharply and where you see the viewer directly and friendly.
  3. Add still in a good copy of the last report.
  4. Finally, a certificate from the school or the university on the duration of the internship is necessary.

After completion of the internship, you will receive a certificate of your participation or even an opinion. The subsequent training opportunities at the federal police are good, especially if the completed time was evaluated positively.

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