Felix Krull - CV

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Felix Krull - CV

Felix Krull loves the nightlife in Munich.

CV rapper

  • Felix Krull was born in the 80s in Bavaria and lives in the city of Munich since of 2009.
  • "Felix Krull" is a stage name based on the fictional character of Thomas Mann's novel "Confessions of Felix Krull". The rapper refers among others the writer Thomas Mann alongside Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Tarantino, Falco and Bushido as his role model.
  • After the father left the family, Felix Krull grows up with his mother.
  • in the 90s came the artists to hip hop by his mother, who heard among others Puffy and Will Smith and his 1994 his first CD, namely Snoop Dogs single "What's my name" gave.
  • Published in 2011 the rapper his EP titled "From Koksstein to freedom".
  • The end of 2012 digital release of mixtapes "days of Stemmer".
  • His livelihood financed Felix Krull, not only by his artistic activities, he works additionally as a seller.

Felix Krull and Munich

In Hip Hop is always about the local positioning. Felix Krull loves the glamor world of Munich.

  • In "My City" he raps "we are soo schicki micki, my city is hotter than yours sincerely willkomen in Munich."
  • The rapper Felix Krull revived in "My City of lederhosen until champagne drinking Munich Schickeria Munich clichés.
  • Munich was cheesy and pure glamor, finds the Munich rapper and like him much better than Berlin that it was too dark and too dirty. With "My city is better than yours" it borders probably mainly of Berlin from.
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