FIFA 12 - Create your own team

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FIFA 12 - Create your own team

FIFA 2012 - ball in the net Karin_Schmidt / Pixelio

Create With Ultimate Team feature in FIFA 2012 team

The game FIFA 2012 brings many new features compared to its predecessor. This applies particularly to the understanding of the game, but also partly the graphics. Remained the same, however, is the ability to create with the Utlimate Team feature in FIFA 2012 a team. This is done in a few steps and is not as difficult as you imagine possibly by far. It is important first of all that to find the correct address on the web and have the correct data that you need for creating an independent team to hand.

  1. Visit. First as the site of the game
  2. Now click on "join now".
  3. Enter your e-mail address that you use for your console on.
  4. Choose your desired password.

Complete registration and gamble FIFA with own team

On the website of EA, you have the opportunity to use the Ultimate Team feature and create a custom team. All you need after determining the password, are birth date, country of origin and your native language. Then you just have to accept the terms of use, so Ultimate Team can verify your ID.

  1. Enter your date of birth.
  2. Select your country and language that you speak.
  3. Now it is time to accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Let's check the availability of the own FIFA ID.

use FIFA ID and create player

Once your FIFA ID was checked and besttätigt, you have completed your registration. Now it comes again the home of Ultimate Team, in which you started your registration, call, and to begin creating and storing the player.

  1. Use your ID and enter it on the mentioned Ultimate Team side in order to then create their team.
  2. Now you can create players and determine their appearance.
  3. Now select the strengths and special attributes of the player.
  4. Save from each player.
  5. Now you can integrate with a mouse click, the team created in your own game.

With these few steps you have the ability to create in FIFA 2012 a team and also offline to gamble with it. This will not only increase their own game, but also benefit from numerous new possibilities. This makes it possible to create and form their own leagues around several teams.

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