FIFA 12: encouraging young players - Here's how

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FIFA 12: encouraging young players - Here's how

With proper youth breed a star after next.

What you should already look for when scouting of youth players

  • First, the selection of Scoutes 12 very crucial in FIFA. A cheaper Scout for 50,000 € will of course does not beat so many good players, like an expensive Scout. You are offered with high potential good players so the more expensive the scout, the more often.
  • A little bonus when scouting you get whenever the observer is allowed to go in his home country on scouting tour.
  • The proposed potential young players it is also not important to pay attention to whether a check "Scout Recommendation" or not.
  • Generally it can be said that a potential youth player should not be worse than "60-XX" with the values ​​"total" (in addition to age, height, weight and foot right), unless his "Players potential" is extremely high.
  • When "player potential," one must not be too hasty, however, because a value such as "66-91" after one month only can be "66-77". For this reason, it is always worthwhile player in which one is not sure to watch a little longer.
  • If a potential youth player at "total" values ​​beyond the 65 or 70, this provided the "Players potential" true are quietly obliged immediately. Should not develop as desired these players, he can still be dismissed from the team or goes directly to the numbering for the senior team on the transfer list.

To promote your youth players in FIFA 12

The nearly full "Players potential" and the values ​​at "total" are at FIFA 12 still only meaningful once all "Players attributes" (sometimes a stay or two asterisks) are uncovered, are fixed, the position and the type of player and the player's 16th age has reached. If this point is reached and you want to bring the player to the senior team, there are several ways to promote youth players.

  • If the player is already quite good, ie, 60-70 or better, it can simply be placed in the starting grid, because nothing promotes youth players more than inserts.
  • Should the player not be as good, or there is just no suitable position open, you can put it on the bench. Then you should, however, try getting replacement players to the 70th minute. Even so he gets playing time and is supported in its development.
  • If the player should be bad for starting or bench, but still has a high "potential player", you stay really only an option, the Loan. Try to give the player as long as possible, until it has reached a total strength, with which you can work. It is important that you pay attention to whomever you give the youth players is. Select prefer an offer from a club in which you can be sure that your pupil will also be used and not just sitting on the bench.
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