FIFA 12: improve Virtual Pro - Here's how

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FIFA 12: improve Virtual Pro - Here's how

FIFA 12 is a football simulation.

FIFA 12 - See the performance of your Virtual Pro

To improve your Virtual Pro in FIFA 12, you need to provide various services. These services can be viewed in a few steps.

  1. Start your FIFA 12 and go first to the main menu of the football simulation.
  2. Now select below the category "Virtual Pro" and then click on the word "services".
  3. You'll get an overview of the current profile of your opponent. On the right side you can select different content. Here you can see what services are to be provided yet.

So you can improve your Virtual Pro in FIFA 12

To improve your Virtual Pro in FIFA 12, there are various possibilities.

  • The first way to improve your Virtual Pro, the arena or the training mode of FIFA 12. Here you have the option to provide multiple services without the intervention of opponents.
  • The quickest way to improve a Virtual Pro, is the career mode. If you graduate with your Virtual Pro many games, you provide mostly by "random" various services. However, you should in difficulty "world class" play, as many services can be provided only from this difficulty.
  • Another way to provide services for your Virtual Pro and to him improving, are online games or friendlies.

What benefits you can provide in the arena or in games, you can see the profile of your Virtual Pro.

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