FIFA 12 - Offline games as a tournament

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FIFA 12 - Offline games as a tournament

Play offline tournament in FIFA 12th

So you can create offline in FIFA 12 own tournament

In FIFA 12 for PlayStation 3, you can in a few steps to create a private tournament offline.

  1. Start the first thing the soccer simulation FIFA 12 and go to the Start menu.
  2. In the next step "Create Tournament" to select "modes" and then out.
  3. You then have the option to choose between three types of tournaments, either "League", "KO-system" or "Groups & KO".
  4. After selection, you can also select the "Number of teams" and give your competition a name. Furthermore, you can not either determine the teams yourself or have it automatically select and make the "Advanced Settings" to "On" or "Off". Then press the "X" key.
  5. If you have set the advanced settings to "On", you can select it now. Now add your teams added and select the teams with the "X" key, which should be controlled by a user.
  6. Finally, you can start the tournament by the "start button".

Once you have saved your tournament, you can start with the tournament.

To play an existing offline tournament

You still have the option to play offline at FIFA 12 an existing tournament.

  1. Embark to return to the start menu of FIFA 12 and select in the "Game Modes" to select "Tournaments" from.
  2. Now click on the item "new tournament" and select now the tournament you want to play, and press the "X" key.
  3. To start the tournament, then select the teams that will be controlled by a user, and then press the "start button".

After saving the game data, you can start with the tournament.

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