FIFA 13 on the PC jerky - what to do?

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FIFA 13 on the PC jerky - what to do?

Without stuttering FIFA brings 13 game on the PC.

FIFA 13 on the PC - General

  • FIFA 13 is a football game manufacturer EA Sports. It is for the PC, but also for various consoles like the PS3 or XBox 360 and Wii available.
  • If you want to play 13 FIFA on the PC, however, you should meet the minimum requirements for the game to your computer. Otherwise, this may cause the game not working or only partially.
  • These minimum requirements as part of a graphics card with minimum 256 MB VRAM or 2 GB of RAM, you should have released. At these values, but it is advantageous if one exceeds the minimum requirements. Then smooth play is reliably ensured.
  • Jerky your FIFA 13 still, even though you meet the minimum requirements, you can do some things to help.

The game stutters - what can you do?

Jerky your FIFA 13 game on the computer, you should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Close all other applications on your computer other than FIFA 13. The applications could utilize your PC so that it optimally FIFA can no longer play. 13 These applications include about your internet browser, Skype, ICQ or similar programs.
  2. Turn off the online mode or disconnect from the EA network. Often the bucking of your computer is that the EA servers are overloaded. You should also make sure the online game that your opponent has a low latency (ie the green area). The latency is shown before the game and shows how good is the connection of the goal.
  3. If all this does not help, you should consider buying a better graphics card. While the minimum requirement is 256 MB VRAM, however, this graphics card also covers only the minimum requirements of FIFA 13 and therefore can not guarantee the optimal flow of the game. Alternatively, you should make sure to have as much memory free, so that the game can run fast and flawlessly.
  4. Otherwise, you can still reduce the resolution at FIFA. 13 However, the game then has a poorer optical quality. To reduce the resolution, you should go on your PC in the folder of FIFA 13 called fifa setup. You can open this file and adjust to taste. Just change the resolution into smaller settings and the image will no longer stutter.
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