FIFA 13 - soon earn coins

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FIFA 13 - soon earn coins

In FIFA 13 you can quickly reach coins.

FIFA 13 - the system of coins

  • Coins come in FIFA 13 to use "Ultimate Team" before. You get these coins (or also called "Coins") through the successful completion of a game.
  • More specifically you get for goals scored, possession, tackles, shots on goal, corners and clean sheet bonuses to your Münzkonto games. In return you get deducted for goals conceded, fouls and sending off a certain number of coins.
  • However, other factors in earning coins are to be observed. For example, you can, if you choose the right tournaments and leagues, make in a very short time many coins.

Coins earn fast - Tips and Tricks

If you want 13 quickly come to many coins in FIFA, you should adhere to the following tips:

  • Play frequently online. After each completed online game is a real-time multiplier increases by 0.02 to 1.25. This means that you then - get up to a quarter more coins per game - at a maximum level. therefore never interrupt a game from, even if you back are high because of the multiplier else drops by a whopping 0.25!
  • Play the Challenge against Team of the Week. Each week is presented by FIFA a team that was particularly good. If you hit it in the Challenge, you receive - depending on the difficulty factor - up to 1,000 coins as a bonus!
  • Play the online league. For an ascent or the championship in online leagues you get big bonuses - do not let it and get the most up League 1!
  • Play and offline tournaments against the computer. Often you will get at this high Won Coins or even sets that contain new players. Check from time to time to see which tournaments against the computer Currently available, since there are often special tournaments that expire after a week.

In summary one can say that if you want to quickly earn coins, there are no limits. The more you play, the easier you get to coins - especially online. However, that is important is that you do not lose the game in the hunt for the coveted coins.

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