FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Clear - Here's how

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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Clear - Here's how

A team you can create up to five times.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - the game variant

FIFA 13 is a virtual soccer game manufacturer EA Sports. It offers the possibility to play football and so to provide their own skills to the test in many modes.

  • With respect to these modes you can play against real opponents or existing control in the variant "teamwork" with up to 21 other colleagues an actor of the collective as in "hand-to-man" mode online. However, you can also play offline against your friends on the sofa at home or against the computer.
  • One of these modes is the version of the game "Ultimate Team", in which you create your own team from scratch and can conduct its affairs. But if you're with your club leadership or developing your club are not satisfied, or you have no desire for this variant of the game, you can pull the ripcord and delete your team.

Delete The team - How it works

If you want to delete 13 your team in FIFA, you must follow a few simple steps and you can start over or completely stop the game variant.

  1. Open as usual the game variant "Ultimate Team" in your game home menu.
  2. From the menu of FIFA 13 the top item "Help".
  3. Go to the button, which is now re-opened, "Delete Team" to the point.
  4. If you have chosen this, comes a message asking if you really want to delete your team. However, you will lose all your players, objects and coins that you have earned until then lost and you start completely from scratch.
  5. If you selected "Yes", your Ultimate Team will be deleted and you can start with a new team.

Important note: Your Ultimate Team you can total only five times Delete! Did you delete your team for the fifth time, so you can not delete it. That is, then the team that you have after the fifth deletion, no longer can reset! therefore, consider carefully if and when you remove your teams.

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