fight fleas successfully in cats - the Note

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fight fleas successfully in cats - the Note

The elimination of cat fleas in the home is lengthy.

There are various means by which you can kill all the fleas in cats quickly and safely. But the environment must be addressed so that fleas are permanently removed.

treat fleas in cats with flea powder

  • If you notice fleas in your cat immediately, then the animals have very likely not yet so many fleas.
  • With a well-working floo powder from the vet or the pet shop you can then fight the fleas.
  • Sprinkle for the flea powder to the hairline in the fur of your cat, and rub the animal also the belly well so a.
  • Sitting Preferred fleas where it's nice and warm. So powdering all parts of the body of your cat well with flea powder a.
  • In addition, you should also treat the cat tree and the sleeping place of the cat with the powder so that you can fight the fleas there.

Spot On against cat fleas

  • With a spot on the fleas are tackled quickly and will no longer settle on the cats.
  • The Spot On comes directly in the fur of cats, and spread in a few hours its full effect.
  • However, this means is not suitable to treat the environment.
  • You should also use flea powder or flea spray. To rid the home of fleas.

fight fleas in the environment

  • Once you have found cat fleas in your home, you should first complete the apartment suck and then empty the vacuum cleaner. Especially carpets must be cleaned thoroughly, because the flea larvae mainly settle there. In the event that you have runners are in your apartment, you can enter this in the cleaning. This is definitely the safe option since you are working there, in addition to hot steam.
  • Wash now all matters that may come with the vermin in contact. It also curtains, Bettbebezüge, pillowcases and bathroom fittings should not be disregarded. In drugstores get detergent, guaranteeing the slaughter of animals and they should continue with regular use, keep away.
  • To really eliminate all cat fleas, you should now go to the pharmacy to an appropriate insecticide or insect repellent to buy. Since these agents often consist of a variety of chemicals, you should leave the apartment along with their pet after spraying a few hours and then repeat the process of vacuuming and the house is well ventilated.
  • If large quantities of vermin, ie in case of infestation of several rooms, you should quickly contact an exterminator. This will then fight with more specific means the cat fleas.

Fleas in cats are very uncomfortable and can be used for severe itching care, but can be very easy fight, so your cats and the apartment are rapidly again free of fleas.

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