fill ESTA application correctly - important information

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fill ESTA application correctly - important information

ESTA travel authorization granted you.

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. With this system, which has been around since the summer of 2008, you must apply via the Internet an electronic travel authorization if you want to travel to the United States.

The ESTA system

  • A ESTA application have all those questions that do not require a visa for the US. So if you already have a visa, because you want to work or study in the United States, for example, you do not need to make this request.
  • Both adults and children must submit an ESTA application before going on board an aircraft or vessel to the destination USA.
  • If you travel a license is granted, this is valid for two years and you can also multiple travel with this approval within these two years in the USA. Only when your passport expires before or this license shall be revoked, be valid shortened.
  • With multiple trips, however you need to update the website your data if something has changed.
  • These electronic travel authorization via ESTA is not included and is made up of a processing fee and a fee for the license. The processing fee you also need to pay if your application is rejected.

To make an application

  • Make sure that you get your application at least three days before departure no problems. You can even do on the Internet, but it can also take over your travel agent for you.
  • Go on the Internet on the website of ESTA and select the language from German. In this way, you easily understand what you have to do anyway, but you must complete the application in English.
  • Do not use other providers on the Internet, but the official site of ESTA. Third-party are not authorized and often charge high fees.
  • For the application you need a valid passport and a credit card to pay the fee. are accepted by the system only VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (JCB and Diners Club).
  • Read all the information carefully and then complete the application in English from. Required fields are marked with a red star, with all other fields is up to you if you fill in this.
  • Write down the order number that will be assigned by the system. This number you need to check the status of your application and make changes.
  • Then you still have to provide information on your credit card and can request notification.
  • You can usually get a response if you travel permit or not within an hour. With this approval, you can stay up to 90 days per trip in the US.

If you were denied travel authorization, you can try to apply for an American Consulate for a visa to still be able to travel to the US.

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