Final invoice - declaration

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Final invoice - declaration

Final invoices are common in construction contracts.

A final statement shows the last to be paid sum of money that must be paid after deduction of previous payments yet. Their explanation is focused on the area of ​​contract and construction law. It is especially important for concluding construction contracts or artisanal agreements as contracts for work, as usual. Especially in construction the final invoice can be placed under conditions previously located.

Statement of accounts

  • A final invoice is always a final payment. It fulfills a contract as soon as the amount of money that identifies the bill is paid. The conditions of a so-called final payment can likewise be determined by the contract.
  • This allows about unauthorized or previously serene additional claims be declared invalid.
  • Some explanations using, instead of the concept of the final invoice, the name final bill. This is the case in the sales tax law.

Final invoice and progress billings

  • A final invoice always includes the settlement and collection of already paid partial invoices. This may also be previously defined in the contract, as this list of account should look like.
  • A part Accounting always includes the final account for some of the power which has been furnished.
  • A part Accounting is therefore no final payment for a service, as opposed to an advance payment, the fully paid a previous performance.
  • The statements and financial claims arising from a final invoice must be checkable.
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