find chanterelles - Here's how

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find chanterelles - Here's how

find chanterelles is not difficult.

Where to find chanterelles?

  • Chanterelles tend to prefer nutrient-poor soils. Thus they are not to be found at the edges of fields and farmlands, as these are fertilized normally. As far away from fertilized soils One can also find chanterelle.
  • Chanterelles thrive near firs, spruces, beeches and oaks and pines.
  • Locate the chanterelles where the trees are mentioned. Look for places that are barely planted. These are the places where the damn feels comfortable.
  • The lush the vegetation on the ground, the less likely is the Fund of chanterelles.

What to do when the mushrooms were sighted?

  • If you have found chanterelles, cut the mushrooms from just above the ground.
  • Put the mushrooms in the basket and layers the mushrooms so that more can circulate a lot of air between each copy.
  • Let stand at least 30% of the stock. Do not do it, you will find in the next season at the site no more mushrooms.
  • Bring your booty home quickly and process the mushrooms immediately.
  • Tell anyone where you have the mushrooms found!
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