find home in Cologne - how it works

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find home in Cologne - how it works

There are regular home in Cologne.

To find home in Cologne

  • Anyone interested in home, lives in or near Cologne and it does not want to go far, should specifically looking at the cathedral city by advertisements.
  • Look in the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger. See the display part many advertisements on electronic gadgets.
  • You can also search in Wochenspiegel targeted by advertisements from your district in the cathedral city. This especially makes sense if they do not have a car and on foot to go there.
  • On the Internet you can use the display portal "Kalaydo" to find in the Rhine metropolis house flea markets and resolutions. This is handy if you have not subscribed to the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger and do not want to go to the kiosk.
  • Look at it once in the supermarket over, where do you usually go shopping. Meanwhile actually has every supermarket in the Rhine metropolis a bulletin board on which people unhook your ads. There you will find offers of babysitters, jobs and home flea markets.
  • Ask around in your circle of friends. Maybe someone knows a person whose relatives are deceased and is planning a resolution of the budget. So you can find out about it before the one on a proper display and come to the best bargains.

How to successfully participate in Cologne on the budget resolution

  • You should go to the home in Cologne by car.
  • To this end, it makes sense to take a wagon or a small Sprinter, if you plan to buy larger items or furniture. While you can hinbestellen a taxi in the Rhine metropolis everywhere, but save costs if you have a set of wheels themselves.
  • You can in Cologne Sixt or Europcar low rent a vehicle. This is even cheaper than on weekends in the week.
  • Make sure you take some cash with to the budget resolution. The Rhinelander are always interested to settle a trade quickly and easily. Nobody will like to cover something or you want to write an invoice. Practically always a quick and uncomplicated processing.
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