Find the correct adapter - VGA output to SCART input

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Find the correct adapter - VGA output to SCART input

SCART can be split into the video signal and the two audio signals.

The VGA output

  • The VGA output on most laptop computers or other devices is a way to research an analog video signal from the device. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. The connection has already been introduced in 1987 by IBM.
  • As analog connection, the video signal of the graphics card for the VGA output is only converted into an analog video signal. This naturally caused conversion losses that can reduce the image quality. Also, the quality according to the cable length - so use only the best cables that are no longer than necessary.

The SCART input

  • The SCART connector is based on a merging of video signal (yellow) and stereo audio (red = left, white = right) in a plug. He also works in the same, which allows a direct adaptation of VGA to SCART. For this you just need a SCART adapter, which divides the input to the 3 channels (video, sound l / r). Then you can fill directly with an appropriate cable from VGA to S-Video to SCART input.
  • The sound you need to take in this case from another source and then at the SCART input together again.

Even if the two connections are electrically identical, there is still a potential problem field: the frame rate. Connect the VGA output z. B. a laptop to the SCART input of a tube TV, this is not usually identical. The LCD screen of the laptop typically operates at 60 Hz, while the TV probably uses 50 Hz. Either adjust the refresh rate then at one of the devices or you can not make this connection in a direct way. LCD TV with SCART inputs not have this problem usually.

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