find workable solutions - screen door without drilling

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find workable solutions - screen door without drilling

Mosquito nets help prevent these pests.

The clampable screen door

Spring knocks with delicate tones on the door and you are already thinking with horror to the mosquitoes and flies that you negate balmy summer evenings at the balcony door open? Unfortunately, in rent over again the question of how a mosquito net can be attached without damaging the window frame or door frame. While Mosquito nets on windows to fix even with adhesive strip, this solution does not make sense at balcony doors. Finally, you want to enter your balcony even.

  • One solution clamping blinds. As the term suggests, clamp the blinds directly into the window frames.
  • The frame of the clamping roller blinds, which can be used as a screen door, made of aluminum and is clamped by means of a steel spring system in the wall reveal. The balcony door flyscreen securely holds without drilling.
  • The material of the clampable screen door is made of UV-resistant fiberglass. A perennial use causes no problems.
  • The guide rails of the screen door are lined with bristles, so here are impenetrable to fly.
  • In order not to impair the appearance of the house, most manufacturers offer the screen door in two colors. So you can order not only the grid, but also the guide rails in a color that is suitable for the home and is not a malfunction of the house facade.
  • The screen door, you can also order in different sizes. Guaranteed is a measure offer for your balcony door. Most balcony doors are standardized, so actually for each balcony exit a screen door can be adjusted without having to drill.
  • You can operate the blind, both from within and from outside. Similarly, the light blinds of skylights is triggered by a slight push upward the rolling device.
  • If you want to only partially runter- or high Allow the shade, you can fix it at any point of the guide rail.

Magnetic doors - running doors without drilling

  • Another way to attach a screen door without drilling, provide magnetic holders.
  • The doors can optionally acquire a swing door or a door that is opened only in one direction.
  • The frame of the screen door can be installed by you in different ways. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the hinges are attached either with a two-component adhesive on the frame of the balcony door. Other models include a frame structure, which is clamped in the Mauerzarge or the door frame.
  • To close the screen door fixed, attach a magnet on the opposite side of the hinges frame. Since the frame of the screen door is made of aluminum, the door remains securely closed and only opens by backpressure.
  • When purchasing such a screen door observe the correct size specification. Although some clamping devices can be shortened in length, the height of the screen door should match the scope of the balcony door.
  • To close the door firmly and insects no chance to offer to get in your apartment, the door must also conform to the balcony exit course in width.
  • These magnetic doors are available in different colors and designs. For rental housing, it is advisable that you buy a swing door, which is clamped in the frame or in the Mauerzarge. To get in no case problems with your landlord.

The cost of the screen door, which can be fitted without drilling, usually amount to about one hundred Euros.

build screen door without drilling itself

  1. With a little craftsmanship You can also build the door itself. All you need is a clamping bar to which you attach two hinges.
  2. The frame of the screen door can be easily constructed of thin strips of wood. Pinch the screen door between two wooden slats and glue the grid additionally determined.
  3. Screw the frame parts together so that the grating is firmly clamped.
  4. To enhance the screen door, you can use for example aviary wire addition. This also keeps the play instinct of dogs and cats stood.
  5. Fasten the door frame at the hinge of the clamp bar.
  6. To close the door firmly, you can attach a magnet to the door frame and the door frame of the balcony door.

Now you will certainly experience in your living room a summer without annoying mosquitoes and insects. We hope you enjoy warm summer nights, where you can sleep calm at the balcony door open.

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