Fine motor skills - exercises that improve these

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Fine motor skills - exercises that improve these

Clothespins are well suited for fine motor training.

The fine motor skills is extremely important for many areas of daily life. In order to train these, there are many different exercises that can be combined and modify repeatedly, so they will not be bored.

To train the fine motor skills with ropes

  • Take ropes of varying thickness and knot them together. Here you can also buy several nodes make about each other or different nodes forms as Seemannsknoten. Then loosen all the nodes again.
  • You can also wrap a foam ball with ropes and tie them and afterwards the ball back to "free" by loosening the knot and unravel the Seilverschlingungen.
  • Try either with eyes closed or behind your back to tie a rope and then to solve the knot again.
  • Put off the ropes to different figures such as rectangles, triangles or tangles. Even letters or numbers can be reloading.

More exercises with everyday materials

  • Try to fix it, as much as possible clothespins on a beer mat (or other solid cardboard).
  • Likewise, you can try as many clothespins as possible to cling to each other, so that a long clothespin snake arises.
  • Take a sheet of a newspaper and fold therefrom only a fan with large Faltabständen. Let the tricks are getting smaller until you have folded a very delicate subjects.
  • Tear newspaper into equal snippets. This exercise you can modify by repeatedly folding the paper and then try to rip them.
  • With a towel, the fine motor skills can be improved also by smooth spread the towel in front of him and then gather up with your fingers toward your thumb.

To improve fine motor skills with exercises, you do not need a lot of materials. Just look in your home in order and you will surely discover up some, which is suitable for practicing.

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