Fingernails in Nutella Design

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Fingernails in Nutella Design

Fingernails in Nutella design are special.

Fingernails in Nutella design are something unknown and therefore fall on. The look is simple and can be easily varied.

The simple Nutella Design

  1. If you want to make your fingernails in Nutella design, first get yourself hazel nail polish, which covers well.
  2. Paint your entire nail with the color and leave them to dry well.
  3. You can now also use a top coat to bring the nails really shine.
  4. As an alternative to the simple approach, you can also create a Nutella bread. For that you get conterminous also good, white nail polish.
  5. The lower half of the nails you now painted in white and the upper half gets the Braunton.
  6. The colors you can mix and so create an impression as if the butter with the hazelnut cream melted.

painting failed Fingernails

The Nutella design you can make also failed. For this you need vodka, the paper, which is located on the Nutella-glass, or relevant advertising from magazines, base coat and top coat, and the brown hue.

  1. First, paint your nails with the base coat and let it dry as well.
  2. The next layer is applied in Braunton. Let this also dry
  3. Then cut out little snippets from the paper and adjust them to the shape of your fingernails.
  4. The trimmed paper dip then individually in the vodka and put the first snippets on the thumb. Press the paper for a few seconds to determine and then remove it again.
  5. The repeat for each nail. Then let the nails dry for a moment.
  6. Finally, wear on the top coat and wait until this has dried.

You can also make each nail in another variant.

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