Firefox crashes on Facebook - what to do?

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Firefox crashes on Facebook - what to do?

So Facebook should work in Firefox again.

Like other Internet sites, it is possible that Firefox crashes, during which you want to use Facebook. This can have various causes, which, however, you can largely eliminate itself. So what can you do when this problem occurs again, will be described below.

If Facebook crashes

  • If your crashes Firefox in the use of Facebook, you should first try on the Task Manager to close all open Firefox applications. Restart Firefox then again and enter on the Facebook home your login information. Use should now function properly.
  • If this is not the case, disconnect the PC from the Internet, go down this completely and then back up. Then make an Internet connection with your device here and wait until it is active. Then open again Firefox and try to use Facebook as usual. This time should be no problems.

Firefox and other browsers

  • If the problem of the browser crash when Facebook use only occurs in the Firefox browser, you can use this course easily bypass the fact that you use a different browser to use the social networks, such as Google Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer.
  • However, if you absolutely want to continue using Firefox exclusively, uninstall the browser and all components of your PC and download the latest version. Then Facebook should run in Firefox again, without the browser crashes.
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