Firefox keeps crashing - what to do?

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Firefox keeps crashing - what to do?

Permanent fix Firefox crashes successfully.

crashed Firefox repeatedly for extensions

If Firefox keeps crashing, it could be that one or more extensions (so-called "add-ons") cause problems, because they do not work properly or are incompatible with your current version of Firefox.

  • Therefore, you might initially disable your extensions and if Firefox then no longer crashes, enable bit by bit to find the add-on, which prepares problems.
  • Just click Firefox in the top menu bar, click "Tools" and then "Add-ons". In case you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must ensure beforehand, press the Alt key to make the classic menu bar appears.
  • In the left pane, you can then in the tab "Extensions" see your previously installed and optionally activated add-ons. Click for each extension to "Disable" to turn it off once.
  • If Firefox should run stable after turning it off, no longer constantly crashes, you can again click on "Activate" to the right of the extension. Then run Firefox run something before activating the next enlargement so as to find out the faulty extension.

Uninstall Firefox and install latest version

If your Mozilla Firefox crashes despite deactivated extensions still, you can solve the problem by completely uninstall Firefox and then install the latest version of Firefox. While you could leave your update version also easy, but doing some program components will not be overwritten, so that the problem in spite update could continue to exist.

  1. to Start by downloading the latest version of Firefox at Mozilla.
  2. Then uninstall Firefox. You can uninstall the "Start", "Programs" and "Mozilla Firefox" this either through your Control Panel at "Uninstall / Remove Programs" make or Firefox.
  3. Once the uninstall is complete, open the downloaded installation file of Firefox, install Firefox and then restart the software.

Then Mozilla Firefox should no longer crash regularly, so you can optionally install your previous enlargements.

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