First child with 42 - Pros and Cons

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First child with 42 - Pros and Cons

Do you want to get with 42 children?

This speaks for the first child 42

  • At 42, most women are firmly on the ground. They have a solid, secure job and a steady income. Often you are in a committed relationship or even married. These are ideal conditions for their first child, its financial supply and parental care is ensured thanks to parental leave.
  • At 42, you have a lot of life experience and have many things that you wanted to try out already. You have the psychological maturity and balance to devote himself to raising a little new life.
  • Even the admonitory Stamp risk pregnancy, will be suppressed from the age of 35 should be for you no reason to decide against a child with 42nd The supply opportunities for risk pregnant women have been greatly improved and such a pregnancy can also extend completely normal. You can also also for many other reasons such as obesity, multiple pregnancy, previous miscarriage or gestational diabetes have a high risk pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy is however also investigated much more thoroughly and guarantees you a long series of additional tests such as ultrasound, you could not get at pregnancy at a young age.

That suggests

  • From the age of 35 the chance to get a miscarriage or a disabled child increases. An amniocentesis can not only bring certainty, but also poses a great risk for the embryo to you on this point.
  • At the age of 42 years you have a long distance to your own childhood and youth. You may not be so easily empathize with your child and have thus later difficulties in education to meet your child's needs and to adapt to new situations.
  • Even the safest job you can lose and at the age of 42 years, it is no longer easy to get a new job in order to secure your child's growing financially.

But the most important in your decision for a first child at 42 should be their desire to have children. Hark you deep into yourself. What they feel there should influence your decision on the merits.

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