Fishing in France without a fishing permit

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Fishing in France without a fishing permit

In Brittany you can enjoy fishing pleasures. Katharina_Wieland_Müller / Pixelio

Loose rules when fishing in France

Hobby fishermen should not break in Germany without fishing license for fishing. Wild fishing is punishable by heavy fines. Therefore, many anglers fish in neighboring countries. There, the fishing regulations are often relaxed.

France offers itself with its beautiful lakes and looser regulations for your fishing vacation. Fishing in France without a fishing permit is not possible everywhere. Note in which waters you like fishing. An open coastal fishing is permitted with a rod and a maximum of two hooks. Also fishing with small nets and clam digging.

For fishing on open coasts in France you do not need a fishing license. The same is true for the deep-sea fishing. With the right equipment and experience your fishing vacation at Open Coasts will be a success.

An exception is salmon fishing. You will need a card.

Fishing without a fishing permit

In fresh water, ie rivers, lakes and canals, the fishing is not permitted without fishing license in France. However, here is sufficient a simple fishing license, which is considered the fishing license. This permit you can buy in tackle shops, press shops, campsites and tourist information upon presentation of identity card.

A fishing license in France is limited in time. You buy fishing licenses either for a day or the whole week. For an additional cost is to buy the fishing license for the whole year.

The fishing license is limited regionally in France. They may therefore only fish in the region for which the fishing license is valid. A fishing license for the whole country costs about 100 euros.

If you violate the rules set, you must expect severe penalties. You lose the Black Fishing your equipment and can not acquire more fishing licenses. Depending on the offense this category also have significant fine. This depends on the offense and the waters.

The black fishing, a fine of up to 7,000 euros to come to you. Fishing fish in the honeymoon period, you lose your equipment and pay approximately 500 euro fine.

Fishing holiday in France - note value

  • For fishing on the open coastal and deep-sea fishing, you do not need a fishing license.
  • Fishing Never in waters (regions) of France without the appropriate fishing license.
  • Stick to night fishing bans.
  • Particularly beautiful waters with many fish can be found in Brittany and Alsace.
  • Many lakes offer fishing for carp with varying degrees of difficulty.
  • Obtain for fishing a water map for inland waters.
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