Fishing in Lanzarote - so manage the fishing holiday

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Fishing in Lanzarote - so manage the fishing holiday

Fishing is not allowed in Lanzarote everywhere!

Fishing - Fishing accordance with the law

  • Lanzarote is with countless fishing spots a paradise for anglers. The permits for fishing are relatively simple one. Although anglers must have a fishing license, but do not require a fishing examination. Do not this and be controlled, you may lose the boat and your fishing gear. In addition, face large fines.
  • The fishing license (valid for three years) is available at the local island government. In the seat of the island government, there are the office "Secretaria de Pesca territorial", where you will receive the fishing license by presenting the identity card or passport, the Form 700 and pay the fee after about half an hour.
  • On the island it is not allowed to fish anywhere. So beaches are forbidden to fish in principle. Here, a minimum distance of 250 meters is required.
  • The amount of the catch is limited in Spain. So certain fish may be taken only from a certain size. Fish that are protected, must be immediately thrown back into the water. When you purchase a fishing license tourists get an overview of the minimum dimensions of the fish.
  • If you have caught too much fish, you may not sell these. That is forbidden.

Fishing in Lanzarote

  • Who wants to go fishing in Lanzarote, of course, requires a quality fishing equipment. However, remember that no more than three hooks per rod when fishing from land and boat are allowed.
  • Bait you do not have to take. These are available on the island to buy.
  • Beautiful places for fishing are Orzola, Punta Mucheres or Arrieta. Pay attention to the specified distances to the beach.
  • Ask. Locals for great fishing spots If you prefer to fish at night, you need flashlights. Most fishing locations are poorly lit.
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