Flachwurzelnde trees - what you should consider when plants

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Flachwurzelnde trees - what you should consider when plants

Flachwurzelnde Chestnut donates plenty of shade.

Flat Wurzelne trees make it pretty hard in their root area other plants. For life is a tree disc can awaken yet. Success is that with an appropriate lower planting.

Flachwurzelnde trees - Under planting with obstacles

Trees that you want to plant in the garden or have already are, are very different in their root growth. Pines for example, have deep and slightly branched roots. PDF files can be well under planting with perennials. However, the falling needles can be a problem if they are not removed.

  • More difficult to leave flachwurzelnde trees, for example, such as spruce, birch and Norway maple among plants. Their roots are mostly in the topsoil. Water is other plants hardly available.
  • Also in the root zone of beech and chestnut, there are other plants difficult. The lighting conditions are very unfavorable here.
  • Plant a walnut that a special strategy has evolved to keep vegetable competition at bay. The falling autumn leaves containing essential oil, whereby germination and the growth of other plants are inhibited.
  • Good suitable cardiac or deep-rooting oak, apple tree, rowan and apple thorn. They form only a few main roots, with a slightly stronger branching at the ends. Perennials, ferns, ornamental grasses and small trees have a pretty easy life on the tree grates.

Advantages and disadvantages of Flachwurzler

Flachwurzelnde trees are well suited for shallow soils and in areas with high groundwater level or sufficient available surface water in the rain.

  • Would you like to make a transplant, which is relatively easy. Deep roots are usually damaged and inhibit the rapid regrowth.
  • At one house or the gazebo Flachwurzler should not be planted too close. First, the roots can penetrate into the foundations, on the other hand are relatively shallow roots windbruch endangered.
  • A deep-rooting tree roots much better in the soil and can withstand wind better. The taproot shape also has the advantage that it does not damage the foundation and drainage or paths and patios also with house near planting in their propagation.

Tip: On the tree grates flat rooted trees you should avoid if possible on a permanent digging or chopping. In dry periods, additional watering is recommended.

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