Flanges for pipe joints, weld so

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Flanges for pipe joints, weld so

Pipe connection with flanges. Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

Connections with flanges

  • Flange means projecting from a surface. These compounds disk-like enlargements are used on pipes. The flanges may have been exposed forged, molded or welded from the tube.
  • Such flanges are bolted together, between sitting depending on the purpose a seal. So if you want to connect two pipes to which are already flanges, you will need to weld anything.
  • In practice, it looks like that you need to weld welding neck to a pipe in order to screw this then.

This should be considered when welding

  • During the soldering "only" a suitable solder must be melted, which must, for example, flow under a fitting, welding and the base material is melted. Thus, the base material is changed. The welding wire has to exactly match the material. In this point, you should seek advice.
  • You must, if you weld flanges, know what material they are made and the tube. This is also important in the choice of the welding process. Usually you will oxyfuel or TIG welding need. Again, you should seek advice, because the choice of procedure depends on the type of flange.

avoid distortion in welding

  1. A major problem when welding flanges is the default. You can avoid if you position the flange and first place the welding point at the top. The next point set now directly opposite.
  2. The other points are set in the same way, where you always put another point between two points, and then the opposite.
  3. Now baste the flange from the bottom as well. Then unplug a uniform seam so that it is tight.
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