Flash Player upgrade required for Facebook - what to do?

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Flash Player upgrade required for Facebook - what to do?

Update In verlangtem Upgrade Version

The Flash Player allows for example playing videos on websites or the use of different online games on Facebook. In stating that the Flash player needs an upgrade, you should follow this and update the Flash Player.

Update In benötigtem upgrade Flash Player

  1. If you get the message when you call a game or a video of the Facebook page that the Flash player is required to upgrade, open the Adobe website and download the provided for your system Flash Player now.
  2. Click the file then on to install the Flash Player. Is this already installed, in this case only the changed files will be overwritten and this update.
  3. Connecting you load the Web page of Facebook "F5" again and select the game or video, is published by the message on. This should work without any problems.

For Facebook Check the browser

  1. If you use the Firefox browser to access Facebook, and despite updating the message "Flash Player upgrade required" message appears, you should check if this is also activated in the plug-ins.
  2. For this, first start Firfox and select the "Tools" on which open the "add-ons". Click "Plug-ins". The entry "Shockwave Flash" should be listed.
  3. The button should be a "disabling" to the right to view, which means that it is enabled and used by Firefox. If this is not the case, click once on the button "Activate".
  4. Then restart the browser and go to Facebook. The display for an upgrade of Flash Player should disappear with it, so you get the content of the games and videos displayed.
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