Flea control in cats apply - that you should be aware

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Flea control in cats apply - that you should be aware

The cat is very happy.

But it is also important to treat the environment against fleas, because they also settle the little bloodsuckers.

use and apply flea control products properly

  • A flea control can be applied preventively, if you want to keep away fleas from your cat, but also be used against an existing flea infestation.
  • If you live more cats or dogs in your household, then you should protect every animal from fleas, since the small parasites remain not only on an animal.
  • It is also important that you rid the apartment of the little bloodsuckers because fleas hopping on the carpet around or hold particularly fond of in narrow crevices. Again, you get different flea control products, with which you can treat the environment.

Collars and Cat Spot On for fleas

  • Both flea agents are suitable to protect cats against fleas, but also already kill existing fleas and distribute. If your cats have free passage, then make sure the flea collar that this has a safety lock, which opens in an emergency by itself.
  • The collar as flea control requires a little longer, until it reaches the full effect. Then it kills existing fleas but just as reliable and fast as a spot-on. Both flea agents may act differently long and should then be replaced by a new agent again.
  • Place the collar around the neck so the cats that you can still go well with two fingers between the collar and the neck of the cat. The tape should not be too tight, so that the cat will not cut off the air, but not too loose, because it then can not act properly.
  • A Spot On You drop easily into the neck fur of cats. From there, all of the drug distributed rapidly and existing fleas die off, kept away new parasites. That means you should always trickle in the neck of the cat, as this is a place where the cat's flea control can not lick it off, so that an oral intake is avoided.

Treat the environment against the parasite

  • In order to permanently eliminate all really parasites, you must treat the apartment against the fleas. You should first vacuum everything thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and then dispose of the contents of the vacuum cleaner immediately in the garbage.
  • You can now treat the apartment with an environment spray against fleas and give in addition some flea powder on the carpet or in the scratching post and cat basket. Flea control for the apartment you get as a normal spray, pump spray or take powder, you can use also for the animals.

Suck every other day thoroughly everything and repeat the application then again. So the fleas are destroyed quickly and there are no new parasites longer appear.

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