Fleas in the carpet - what to do?

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Fleas in the carpet - what to do?

Fleas like to embed themselves in carpets and upholstered furniture.

Find out more about fleas

  • Most commonly there is a flea infestation in homes where dogs and cats are kept. Fleas can spread to humans under certain circumstances, however, this happens relatively rarely. At rest, the larvae of fleas can survive for a period of up to two years.
  • Fleas are parasites that live of warm-blooded animals. Often they do not exclusively favor the landlord himself such. As the dog or cat, but their beds or the nests of the host animals. Therefore, they also feel in upholstered furniture or carpet particularly well and keep to just suck blood on the body of your pet.
  • To prevent fleas as well as it goes, you should thoroughly clean both dog and cat baskets and rugs regularly. Optionally, flea collars can have a preventive effect. Whether that although your pet likes, is another matter.

To combat the parasites in the carpet or in the apartment

  • As fleas as mentioned stop, not only on the body of your pet, it makes little sense to treat at a flea control only the animal with a flea control product. In these cases, you should include the entire apartment in the flea control with.
  • To rid your pet of fleas, you can be giving your vet a flea control products. Such an agent is dripped is usually in the neck fur of the dog or cat, then what, at best, not only kills the fleas, but also their larvae and eggs. The vet you can in this respect certainly the best advice.
  • If the pet treats, the apartment is off. As a first step you should all carpets, runners or similar aspirate and then create the vacuum cleaner bag immediately out of the apartment and dispose of in household garbage. It is best to repeat that one more time, of course, with a new vacuum cleaner bag to actually catch all larvae. Recommended and most effective should also be a steam cleaner, especially at areas of the apartment use.
  • Are you done with the carpets, it is advisable that blankets, pillows, as well as plush toys that your pet used to wash at 60 degrees as possible. Keep the pets in your bed, you should of course also wash the bedspreads, pillows, all covers and blinders.
  • To free chairs, upholstered furniture, as well as dog or cat basket of fleas, drugstores or pharmacies offer special flea control products. Keep yourself in applying strictly to the specifications of the manufacturer.
  • Since fleas need to be thoroughly controlled, you can set up in addition to the Reinigungsmaßnamen flea traps. This can easily be prepared by you. You'll need a conventional soup plate, a saucer, a tea light, water and a few drops of detergent.
  • Place the saucer upside down in a conventional soup plate, so that an increase occurs, and set it to the floor. On the saucer then make a tea light. Now fill the soup bowl with water, but only so far that the candle does not float. To break the surface tension of water, give a few drops of detergent into the water. Now ignite the tea light and darken the room. The fleas should be attracted to the light and the heat of the candle and drown in the water.

In a particularly strong and persistent infection can not be dispensed usually on chemical means. In such cases, you should contact a professional pest controllers.

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