Fleas in the henhouse - what to do?

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Fleas in the henhouse - what to do?

Fleas in the chicken coop must be eliminated.

Fleas in the henhouse can multiply rapidly and then become a real plague.

Evacuate the henhouse empty

  • So you in the stable can be treated properly against fleas and every nook and corner, you have to leave completely empty the henhouse first. Are all items that are movable, brought outside, then remove litter, straw and other similar things.
  • Then return the evacuated barn with a broom thoroughly and bring the animals into the open before you start with the treatment against fleas. While the active ingredient of the flea control product evaporates relatively quickly in the air, but it is better if you protect the animals before and treated later with its own means against fleas.

To combat the fleas in the house

  • Commercially get finished products that can be successfully used against fleas in the house. These means are usually in a box and be placed in the middle of the room. Then the function of spraying is activated, and the drug is distributed to the amount of space in accordance with the whole barn.
  • Known means include the Kuhbombe, which operates not only in the cowshed to fly, but can be applied generally against crawling and flying parasites in stables. Kuhbombe can also be used in the home for fleas, but should there the animals during the application not be present.
  • Leave it to take, as indicated on the packaging, acting and ventilate the henhouse thoroughly afterwards. Then you should with the broom first thoroughly rub the walls and then sweep the floor again. Make sure now that you clean especially the corners thoroughly since increasing numbers of dead fleas may have accumulated here.

treat the chickens against fleas

  • Chickens should not be treated with chemical agents such as Frontline or something similar, because here the side effects are often very strong. Well suited are natural means to get back to be the fleas in the chickens going.
  • Buy at the pharmacy pure neem oil. This you can then mix in a spray bottle with water and thus spray the chicken. Neem oil is very economical in use, so that you reach about a dropper full for bottling.
  • Treat each chicken individually and spray under the wings, because the fleas are everywhere on the animal. You can then repeat every other day and apply Neem oil also preventively about every two weeks against a new flea infestation in the henhouse this application.

The premixed agent is also suitable as an environment spray, so you can spray also the henhouse and all the objects in the room in order.

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