Flight engineer - content

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Flight engineer - content

The salary of a flight engineer depends on several factors.

The salary of a flight engineer

  • How much money can earn a flight engineer, is very different. Anyone who is engaged in this profession can, the content freely negotiate during the interview. The better your qualifications and the more experience you have, the better your chances.
  • So the average earnings in Bremen is gross per month for men at about 4,000 euros. Women earn contrast about 3,600 euros gross per month in the same place.
  • Who in Hamburg, however, is worked, earned as a man 4,500 euros gross per month. Women earn there about 4,100 euros gross.
  • In East Germany, the merit is still somewhat lower than in West Germany. There are in addition also still variations from city to city. Basically, the income in cities is slightly higher than in small towns. This can probably be attributed to the cost of living.
  • Basically, it comes at the height of merit on a number of factors. Gender is an essential indicator. he can the more experience someone adduced, the more earn.

The activities of the flight engineer

The salary of a flight engineer for many an incentive to learn this profession. However, the activity has even more incentive.

  • In this profession Providing the perfect technical condition of aircraft safely and also performs maintenance work. Those who work in this profession, is employed by one of the many airlines. Some are also in aerospace applications.
  • Access to this engineering profession is a University degree in aerospace engineering. Who wants to be also active in the scientific community, should do a doctorate after graduation. With a successful promotion and more money can be earned.
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