Floor Tiles paint - so you renovate the tiles in your kitchen

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Floor Tiles paint - so you renovate the tiles in your kitchen

Floor Tiles paint - an alternative for your kitchen

  • If you want to avoid a complete renovation of your kitchen tiles, you have the option to special paint your floor tiles to restore. Of course it is questionable how much effort is the greater, but this method also your creativity is just asked.
  • Some accessories you must obtain course beforehand. Also you should have plenty of time, so that the result is convincing in the end, even those who may be somewhat skeptical about the matter. This will be determined amazed at the result.

repaint floor tiles in your kitchen - a renovation of a special kind

  1. Obtain first things listed in your hardware store. If you have everything together, the renovation can start.
  2. Clean your tiles with a special tile cleaner. Then clean the joints and filling defective sites with a joint filler again.
  3. If this is everything prepared, take the colored special paint and stir it through well. The second component that needs to be added, you must advance by stirring well. Then run both together and mix everything very well.
  4. Now enter using a foam roller on the first layer of paint and let it dry.
  5. After an hour, you can apply the second coat. Keep in mind that the joints get the same color and later differentiate only by the light of the tiles.
  6. After a drying time of at least 16 hours, you can apply the first clear lacquer layer with the second sponge roller. A day later, can then be applied the final clear coat.

Work slowly and evenly, then you will be delighted with the results of your painted floor tiles.

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