Floorboards sanded - these charges may apply

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Floorboards sanded - these charges may apply

Who wants to grind the wooden floor itself, saves costs.

Grind floorboards themselves and keep costs low

  • Who wants to grind his floorboards itself, can do it inexpensively. You can download the necessary equipment at the hardware store to rent and so save the cost of the working hours of a craftsman a.
  • The amount of costs for the rented equipment varies from DIY to the hardware store. A price comparison can be very worthwhile.
  • Converted cost you renting a sander approximately fifteen to forty euros.
  • Who wants to grind the wooden floor itself, necessarily need sanding belts. Here you can use to 16er 100er. The cost is less than fifteen euros for a band. It is difficult to calculate in advance how much you will need from them, but you should allow for an area of ​​20 square meters at least 80 Euro as additional costs.
  • You also need it even sandpaper. This will cost you about five euros per square meter.
  • Once you have sanded the floorboards, so you need to seal either paint, a glaze or floor hard oil. For what you decide explicitly, is up to you.

To maintain the floorboards

  • You should know that the floorboards after grinding necessarily have to be treated. You can floorboards Never let untreated, because the wooden floor is not protected against water.
  • Do not treat the floor after grinding, then joints and cracks can form. The wood is then not protected against cold or moisture.
  • Seal the floor with paint, stain or oil. The level of costs depends greatly on which product you choose, and how large the area is that you want to treat. The larger the area, the higher the cost
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