Florists - the content at a glance

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Florists - the content at a glance

Florists bring color to life.

Florists usually operate at a florists and florists, garden centers, garden departments of hardware stores or in horticulture and vegetable wholesale. You advise customers, create flower arrangements and bouquets for all occasions, maintain plant and ship plants jewelry, such as a birthday treat.

The content varies depending on the task pane

  • There are some activities that do not require training to florists and are also frequently practiced by career changers. The concerns about the pure sale of cut or auxiliary tasks in a nursery. Here salaries are also the lowest.
  • Very demanding activities, such as the binding of wreaths and create floral arrangements on customer and advisory activities for the care of the flowers are better paid.
  • Moreover florist may also have administrative tasks, for example if you take the purchase of plants themselves, advertise independently for their services or create payslips for employees.
  • There recommendations of IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt, which calls for a salary lower limit of 8.50 EUR for florists. This would correspond to a monthly salary of 1360 EUR.
  • Most of the wage is but just carrying out simple tasks, significantly below this Recommendation, namely at 5 EUR per hour. This corresponds to a monthly gross income of 800 EUR. On average you can expect about 1000 to 1600 EUR.

Wage in training for florists

  • The training for florists done as dual training, in parallel in one operation and at vocational school. In the first year of training, the content is still very low, because you still have to learn a lot and have to take on more simple tasks. The salary is approximately 230-420 EUR.
  • In the second year of training as a florist, there are then already 320-460 EUR. Finally, you learn more and more, many tasks can increasingly run independently and wreak even complicated arrangements. then Therefore, you earn up to 520 EUR. Advanced markedly makes the content of the job according to the teaching.

Stand April 2013

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