Fluid intelligence - so you train new skills

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Fluid intelligence - so you train new skills

Especially in dangerous sports a distinctive intelligence is important.

Find out more about fluid and crystallized intelligence

Many people change less and less. Do not take any new challenges more, it can potentially lead to a lack of intelligence.

  • Science distinguishes two types of intelligence: crystalline and fluid.
  • Crystallized intelligence is characterized by the fact that the person gains experience. Everything he learns from them are facts.
  • The fluid wisdom, however shows that the man trained the skills to also make sense to deal with the experience.
  • Crystalline wisdom is about the personal possession and the fluid the corresponding tool.
  • An example: The personal property may be the house that you have built up, and the tools you need to build the house.
  • both components are required in your job and in everyday life. Sometimes you have to rethink quickly to find your way in situations that are unknown.

Fluid intelligence can not only work, but also to measure. For subjects are shown a series of patterns. All follow a logical rule. This series must now be continued logically. We provide you the several options available.

So train yourself new skills to

The great thing about the fluid intelligence is that you work a lifetime and can improve.

  • Many years ago we still thought that intelligence was genetically determined. Thank goodness one is dissuaded. Because wisdom can be increased, because it is not immutable.
  • Consult often the IQ test (IQ), for example on the Internet. Gradually, you can concentrate better.
  • It is also important not to become stressed. Learn a relaxation method that is good for you. Fluid intelligence can be trained better by improving concentration and relaxation.
  • Go back and solve puzzles, or work with Sudoku.
  • To stay mentally fit, you should also stay physically fit. Give your brain enough oxygen and jogging or walking you. In between a long walk can also help if you do not want to be physically active.
  • Anyone who has a mission in life, can thus also train new skills. If you just sit at home and only television is that in the long run not only boring, but can also be reflected on your intelligence.
  • Read newspapers, books - even nonfiction and communicate much with other people.

Practice creates masters. Exercise regularly, nothing can go wrong.

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