For Babyschwimmen take what? - So pack correctly

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For Babyschwimmen take what?  - So pack correctly

So babyswimming runs hassle free.

Thus babyswimming runs stress-free for you, you should, if possible, take your partner. For the latest move house you need helping hands. Also for young fathers babyswimming is a beautiful experience that brings them closer to their child.

What you should take the baby swimming

  1. Bathing shoes are necessary for you and your partner, and in most cases even mandatory.
  2. Of course, you need also a swimsuit. Your partner should also think about his swimming trunks.
  3. Take plenty of towels, you expect two big towels for you and your companion and two towels for the baby, one for inferiority and one for drying.
  4. In the baby swimming lessons either baby swimming diapers and swimwear are desired or the babies go naked into the water. What is true for your swimming course, decides the relevant course instructor, this can be obtained from the application.
  5. For the period directly after the course you should also pack at least a diaper, an advantage it is, take two diapers, if the baby is wetting yourself during winding.
  6. Many baby swimming classes also offer a baby massage included. For this you need baby oil. But even without massage requires your baby's skin after swimming rich treatment by oil or baby lotion, so the delicate skin does not dry out.
  7. Pull your baby after baby swimming as warm as possible, even if it is outside is not cold, babies can not regulate their own body heat so quickly and therefore a cold faster.
  8. To prevent otitis media, your baby needs essential to the baby swimming a cap. In summer, a thin Baumwollm├╝tzchen, but which must also cover the ears enough.

The baby swimming is a good preparation a beautiful and sensual experience for the baby and you'll see that around swimming instruction is what the courses also still not.

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