For Carnival an outfit create - so you are to laundress

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Fits for washerwomen outfit - a washboard. Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

As washerwoman on the Carnival

Who goes to a carnival party, discovered there many witches or clowns. Washerwomen are rare to find, it can disguise the fall quite original.

  • As zünftige washerwoman wearing an apron over her skirt and blouse or sweater. Good makes course alone is the most adventurous pattern for a smock. Maybe you can borrow such by your grandmother or you can find an old apron in the attic. At flea markets and there is often even what to buy. Also required are a headscarf, for example squared, or with flowers. Put it into a triangle and tie it in the neck together.
  • Instead of a handbag can take an empty detergent box. Make two holes in it, you reinforce, for example with tape, and pull a cord or cloth tape through so that you can put on the box. Is it open at the top, you can ring sticking paper to the inside edge you bind as a cornet, so you lose nothing comes.
  • Funny it is when you can get hold of a small washboard, to which you also bind a cord or tape, so you can reassign it.

In outfit of Clementine on the ball

For many who grew up in the 70s, Clementine is the mother of washerwomen. Even her outfit suitable for a carnival costume.

  • When Clementine you need a red and white checkered shirt, the sleeves of which you roll up and a white overalls. Such obtained for example in shops for workwear, where there are painters pants. Do you have a talent for tailoring, you can sew a course itself. At the upper end of the bib is Klement Ines name in red letters. Cut this fabric or felt and sew them onto the bib on or paint them on with fabric paint.
  • Obtain a white baseball cap. These there are often free as a promotional gift. Even these should sew Klement Ines name or paint on with fabric paint. Is already advertising print available, sew the letters on a white piece of cloth and sew this on, so that the advertising is covered.
  • Then what is missing is an Ariel-drum, so that round drum made of cardboard, in the formerly purchased the washing powder. Since you now hardly likely to get such a, you'll have to even tinker. But you can take a white bucket; da bucket, however, normally be upwards, this is not really looks like a Ariel drum. Alternatively, you can therefore sawing plywood a circle for the bottom and a ring for the top. Paint on stable white cardboard Ariel icon and above the red font. Glue the cardboard around the bottom and the ring, so that you have a drum. Provide them still with a white ribbon for hanging and glue white paper around the edge, so you can use the drum also tie up.

Whether you decide to smock for the outfit of the Clementine or washerwoman, too many colleagues you should not meet on the carnival party.

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