For Facebook friends create groups - a guide

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For Facebook friends create groups - a guide

Facebook friends into groups divided.

To protect your privacy on Facebook, and, for example, take pictures to restricted access, creating groups is recommended. You can organize your friends into categories and make the settings accordingly.

Create groups of friends

  1. To divide on Facebook your friends in groups, first log on to Facebook. On your Home page click the bottom left behind "Friends" on "More". Here already a listing in different categories such as "Close friends" or "family" appears.
  2. To add friends there, select the appropriate category and enter "Add to this list" in the name. You can also create a new group by clicking "Create list" above to.
  3. First, assign a name. Then enter all friends in the field, which should appear in this group. Then select "Create" to add the group.

Customize privacy on Facebook

  1. After you have sorted your Facebook friends into groups, you can adjust your privacy accordingly. For this, open the "Settings" and select "Privacy Settings".
  2. Here choose "Custom." Now you can specify who can see your profile information by entering the corresponding group of friends here.
  3. To take pictures to only certain groups of people on Facebook accessible, open your profile and select "Photos" from. Click on that photo and select "Edit".
  4. With the button "Friends" select "Custom" and then enter the group of friends, which is allowed to see the picture. For all other this is no longer visible and thus protected.
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