For metal to achieve good prices - what you should know when trading

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For metal to achieve good prices - what you should know when trading

With a good daily rate the checkout Wilhelmine_Wulff / Pixelio true

Prices for metal change daily

Who wants to trade with metal, has to be good opportunities in this profession successfully. Never before the prices were as high as today. These are determined by the London Metal Exchange and daily change course. To achieve the best possible profit, you need to look around the internet for the current exchange rates.

  • It also pays a newsletter on the phone or the PC to request. Because the demand for recyclable scrap metal is constantly increasing, because the resources are extremely tight.
  • But it is not only to collect the material and bring to recovery. A bit you should understand them from each other already.

The various types of metal

If you want to make the trade of metallic money, not only the prices are important, you must also be familiar between the different types. Because only by the color can not distinguish the difference between different metals laity.

  • Here, the association can help eV for metal traders. It offers training courses on which you will receive extensive knowledge of materials and learn the purity of aluminum, iron, copper ect. to determine. Pure iron, you can see if you make a magnetic sample. Aluminium You easily recognize on low weight.
  • Before you bring your treasures to the recycler, you should make the effort to separate everything sorted. Because if one has yet to sort the items in the junkyard, you get a unit price that is far below the value. But prices for copper are significantly higher than what you would earn on zinc or iron.

Meanwhile this country is produced more copper from scrap, as of brass. And only five percent of the energy is required when making a new aluminum instead of bauxite, from scrap aluminum.

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