For the cat herrichten the balcony - design ideas

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For the cat herrichten the balcony - design ideas

Cats observe their surroundings.

Fellnasen would choose such a balcony

  • Ask a lookout tower. So can observe the environment the cat. What is not special for us, for example, a rustling in the wind Tree, is certainly very interesting for your roommate.
  • Posting you not only in the apartment, but also on the balcony small pots of cat grass.
  • There are animals for a wide range of mooring. Maybe you want to offer your pet a mini couch? Or a small blanket? Even an old, soft slipper is gladly taken. A place in the sun and in the shade would be the ideal solution.
  • Pinch the brush of a scrubber between two vertical bars (for example, the scratching post) cm in height about 30 a. Whenever the cat passes under it, it automatically gets a back massage. You should only periodically remove the hair.
  • Set up a drinking fountain. Although cats generally drink little (unless they get a lot of dry food), but the game, to grab with his paw into the water, always fun.
  • If your balcony is large enough to put out a turf. How is that possible, to advise you certainly like your hardware store or garden center.

Ensure the safety of your cat

  • Before you let your cat go to the balcony for the first time, be sure to attach a cat's network (blank). For a Fellnase wants everything flying around, catch, whether it is a leaf from a tree or to an insect. They may on the parapet or on the railing - what will be the first target for Up Jumping - sheer Jagdtrieb easily lose your balance.
  • Many plants are poisonous for love pets. While keeping cats usually instinctively distance to such plants, but not all. Among other solanaceous plants such as tomatoes and onions all - and Euphorbiaceae are dangerous for cats.
  • Chives and parsley, you should not put to places that can be reached great for your dog also. Because they eat before it. Whether that is healthy in the long run remains to be seen.

A cat is a very curious and resourceful animal. Think not so, that a small obstacle will prevent them to explore the area, in which it is to go under any circumstances. The opposite will be the case.

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