For the firewood build a canopy - Here's how easy

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For the firewood build a canopy - Here's how easy

Firewood should be stored dry. Wolfgang_Ruthner / Pixelio

Keep dry with a canopy your firewood

With wet wood it is almost impossible to you to light your stove or fireplace. Therefore, be sure to build for your firewood a canopy, so that the stored dry wood still prepares you a pleasant warmth in your room. A canopy is easy to build.

  1. Measure. At the place where you want to stack your firewood, an area of ​​2400 x 700 mm from and beat on the inner corners of the being measured surface with a hammer the ground in sleeves in the ground With a solid base of stone or asphalt using sleeves for bolting.
  2. Ask in the two front sleeves the squared timbers 1600 x 80 x 80 mm and in the rear sleeves the square timbers 1800 x 80 x 80 mm and attach all timber beams with screws on the sleeves. The different lengths of squared timber is important that you have a sloping ramp to the front. This can not be wet your wood by rainwater run-off from behind.
  3. Nail with a hammer the long Squares centrally on each one long and one short timber. For this, use the long nails.
  4. Stroke now the entire structure with the wood stain for outdoor use, so that the square timbers not weathering and rot. The paint must be repeated annually.

The roof of the canopy to protect with roofing felt

  1. Flick the board of plywood, which will be the umbrella for your shelter, also complete with the wood stain for outdoor use.
  2. Place the board centered on the construction of squared timber and nail it with the 80 mm long nails on the square timbers laid.
  3. Cut with a knife from a 2800 mm long piece of tar paper from the roll, put this piece on the roof, hit the overhanging edges of the roofing felt around the edges of the board and fix the tar paper from below with roofer 's nails. This weatherproof roof protects your firewood from getting wet by rain or snow.

The roof is finished. Now you can stack your firewood including, without being wet.

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