Ford Ka: Central does not work - what to do?

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Ford Ka: Central does not work - what to do?

Door locks sometimes have their pitfalls.

If the central spins on the vehicle or is defective

Actually, the central locking should facilitate on a car the user to operate the vehicle. However, this is not always so, as also is this a potential source of error.

  • A defect in the central locking system can be felt in different ways.
  • Either it is so that this no longer works or the central "spins" by this opens the door locks randomly or closes.
  • The possible causes may be different in nature. However, in any vehicle, even the Ford Ka, possible sources of error, which are often responsible for this.
  • This is because each vehicle has certain weaknesses, which may be responsible in case of failure of the defect or malfunction.

Typical causes of the Ford Ka

  • Unfortunately, there is also the Ford Ka some vulnerabilities, which are not exactly a paragon of durability or quality. These are often responsible for this malfunction.
  • These include, for example, the cable connections, which lead from the door (either driver or passenger door) to the body of the vehicle.
  • These should undergo in such a case, the first thing to scrutiny. Here are cable breaks available, which can be caused by off frequently opening and closing the door, you should eliminate first.
  • Simply connect the cables individually at the fracture site in a new way. The best this is done by soldering the individual cables as well as a subsequent coating by a shrink tube.
  • This work is a little tedious, but can eliminate the problem in a relatively cheap manner.
  • Another possible source of error are the contacts are in the door locks. The ingress of moisture, these contacts may have been affected.
  • Here, however, helps only one extension of the door lock and a thorough cleaning of the corresponding contact switch.
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